Police Blotter


Date of Incident


Action Taken

Criminal Mischief 8/25/16 unsub punch a hole in the wall of Schulz Hall on-going investigation
Harassment 8/24/16 victim report an unsub holding a knife was harassing employees inside Campus Life on-going investigation
Grand Larceny 8/22/16 victim reports credit card stolen by unsub(s) in Steele Hall, bank then reported an unauthorized withdrawal  attempt investigation led to arrest
Petit Larceny 8/21/16 unauthorized use of Fredcard reported by victim on-going investigation
Petit Larceny 8/20/16 victim reports money stolen from lost wallet on-going investigation
Petit Larceny 8/17/16 identified subject stole a bike from Grissom Hall bike rack arrest completed
Illegal Dumping 8/11/16 unsub dumped garbage in lot 11 on-going investigation
Drugs 8/9/16 terminated employee inventory led to perscription pills found outside container prosecution denied at this time
Illegal Dumping 8/8/16 subject observed dumping trash in lot 22 dumpster warning issued and advised of university policy
ABC Violation 8/7/16 traffic stop led to driver found in possession of alcohol being inderage arrest completed
Trespass 8/3/16 identified subject found in practice room of mason appearing to be staying for sometime w/o permission escorted off-campus, warning issued
Criminal Mischief 7/31/16 unsub(s) caused window to be damaged outside of Hendrix Hall on-going investigation
Hit/Run 7/29/16 stop sign near Steele Hall damaged, suspect left scene investigation led to suspect id'd/ restitution paid


7/23/16 youths observed inside construction site near Fine Arts subjects warned and escorted off campus

Criminal Mischief

7/20/16 outdoor furniture outside of Tim Horton's was damaged by unknown subject(s) investigation led to subject id'd, victim refused prosecution
Illegal Dumping 7/17/16 employee observed dumping trash near the grounds bldg. w/o permission warning issued
Petit Larceny 7/11/16 item reported stolen by unsub(s) near the New Science center on-going investigation
Harassment 7/10/16 identified subject was harassing summer camp participants on-going investigation
Criminal Mischief 7/6/16 summer camp participants found damaging several trees on campus warning issued
Making Graffiti 6/25/16 graffiti was found in Kasling on-going investigation
Criminal Mischief 6/25/16 broken window found in Kasling on-going investigation
Agg. Harassment 6/20/16 identified subject sent a harassing note to the Fredonia Credit Union causing alarm on-going investigation
Harassment 6/9/16 visitor reports being verbally harassed by a known subject in lot 6 while attending campus event report only per complainant
Petit Larceny 6/9/16 victim reports money stolen from found wallet on-going investigation
Petit Larceny 5/31/16 victim reports bike being stolen from Rockefellar Arts Center bike rack investigation led to arrest
Trespass 5/26/16 persona non grata subject found in Rockefellar Arts quad area arrest completed
Petit Larceny 5/26/16 Media Center reports media property not returned by student  on-going investigation




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