Police Blotter



Date of Incident


Action Taken

Larceny 03/07/18 Items stolen from RAC On-going investigation
Littering 03/07/18 Subject discarded trash in Lot 4 Charges pending
Criminal Mischief 03/04/18 Vehicle damaged in Lot 24 On-going investigation
Harassment 03/04/18 Disorderly subjects near Alumni Hall. Closed by investigation
Larceny 03/01/18 Items stolen from Center Point On-going investigation
Aggravated Harassment 02/28/18 Subject receiving harassing text messages. On-going investigation
Larceny 02/28/18 Bicycle stolen from the Kasling bike rack during Winter break. On-going investigation
Larceny 02/27/18 Bicycle stolen from the Townhouses. On-going investigation
Criminal Mischief 02/27/18 Vehicle damaged. Arrest completed
Fraud 02/26/18 Subject found fraudulent charges on credit card Turned over to bank fruad department.
Criminal Tampering 02/26/18 Lighting near Temple St sign tampered with. On-going investigation
Criminal Mischief 02/25/18 Bathroom damaged in Nixon Hall. On-going investigation
Drugs 02/25/18 Subject found in possession of marijuana outside Holland Arrest completed
Domestic Incident 02/24/18 Subjects arguing/fighting in Lot 23. Ongoing investigation
Drugs 02/23/18 Subject found in possession of marijuana in Eisenhower Hall. Arrest completed
Larceny 02/23/18 Items stolen from the bookstore. Charges Pending
Larceny 02/22/18 Money stolen from a vending machine in McEwen Hall. On-going investigation
Trespass 02/21/18 Suspect entered Schulz Hall, refused to sign in. On-going investigation
Criminal Tampering 02/19/18 Suspect found to have tampered with a smoke detector.  Was also found in possession of marijuana in Igoe Hall. Arrest completed
Larceny 02/18/18 Items stolen from Grissom Hall On-going investigation
Leaving the Scene 02/14/18 Vehicle struck on President's Dr. On-going investigation
AUO 2nd 02/14/18 Traffic stop on Academic Ave.  Driver found to have a revoked license. Arrest completed
Disorderly Conduct 02/14/18 Unlawful postings found in various areas of campus Closed by investigation
Traffic Offense 02/10/18 Suspect found operating a motor vehicle with suspended license plates. Arrest completed.  Vehicle impounded
Fraud 02/10/18 "Phishing " scam check sent to victim. On-going investigation
Trespass 02/09/18 Unknown suspects entered various residence halls and left advertisements. Closed by investigation
Drugs 02/08/18 Suspect found in Lot 9A with marijuana. Arrest completed
Criminal Tampering 02/06/18 Smoke detector tampered with in Eisenhower Hall. On-going investigation
Drugs 02/05/18 Two suspects found in Alumni Hall with marijuana. 2 arrests completed
Drugs 02/05/18 Three suspects found in Chautauqua Hall with alcohol and marijuana. 3 arrests completed
Drugs 02/04/18 Suspect found with concentrated cannabis, and marijuana.  Charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana. Arrest completed
Criminal Mischief 02/02/18 Door damaged in Fenton Hall Closed by investigation
Larceny 02/02/18 Items stolen from an office in Thompson Hall On-going investigation
False Report of an Incident 01/31/18 Pull station activated in Mason Hall. On-going investigation
AUO 3rd 01/29/18 Vehicle stop.  Driver found to have a suspended license Arrest completed
Larceny 01/29/18 Items stolen from a vehicle in Lot 9D On-going investigation
Criminal Tampering 01/29/18 Message board tampered with in Reed Library On-going investigation
ABC Violation 01/28/18 Underage subject found in possession of alcohol. Arrest completed
Drugs 01/28/18 Four subjects found in possession of marijuana and fake IDs in Lot 26 Four arrests completed
Drugs 01/27/18

Subject found in Lot 9 with marijuana.  The subject was charged with Criminal Possession of Marijuana, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

Held for Arraignment, and transported to the County Jail on $2500.00 bail.
Drugs 01/26/18 Subject found in possession of marijuana in Igoe Hall. Arrest completed
Forgery 01/26/18 Subject found in possession of a fake ID Arrest completed
Drugs 01/25/18 Subjects found in possession of marijuana Two arrests completed
Larceny 01/24/18 Items stolen from locker rooms in steele Hall On-going investigation
Leaving the Scene 01/24/18 Pole struck by a vehicle near Houghton Hall. On-going investigation
Harassment 01/23/18 Subject harassed by another on-going investigation
Larceny 01/22/18 Items stolen from the pool locker room On-going investigation
Open Container 01/21/18 Suspect found on Grove Ln with an open container of alcohol. Arrest completed
Drugs 01/20/18 Two suspects found in possession of marijuana in Hemingway Hall Two arrests completed
Drugs 01/20/18 Suspect found in possession of marijuana in Kasling Hall Arrest completed
Burglary 01/19/18 Items taken from a resident's room in Eisenhower Hall On-going investigation
Leaving the Scene 01/18/18 Truck found to have hit street sign in Lot 19A Closed by investigation
Public Lewdness 01/03/18 Two subjects found in Lot 10 commiting a lewd act. Charges pending




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