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Wellness workshops and programs:

Looking for a Wellness presentation for your student organization, fraternity/sorority, athletic team, club sport, residence hall, or academic class - FRED Well has you covered. We offer peer based wellness programs that are research-based, interactive, and of course fun! Workshops are about an hour long.

What is in your cup?: If you choose to consume alcohol discover strategies that maximize the positive effects of alcohol and while decreasing possible negative consequences. Learn more about more about what’s in your cup, the mysteries of BAC, risk reduction tips, and alcohol poisoning.

Consent is Hot, Assault is Not: Learn more about consent, your rights, and how to be an empowered bystander. Find out what resources are available to survivors of sexual assault and how you can help a friend.

Refresh: Breathe, Stretch & Meditate: Learn how the power of meditation, breathing techniques, and simple stretching can help you manage life’s demands. This experiential workshop will teach you how to implement these practices into your daily life.

Can you feel the love? Romantic and friendship relationships can be a source of pleasure, happiness and joy, or disappointment, heartache and pain. They are always a learning experience; find out how to get more out your relationships and what to do if you or a friend is an unhealthy relationship.

Stop Stressing, Start Living: When life’s challenges and demands begin to pile up and pull us out of balance we need to take time to do those things that replenish and restore our physical and emotional well-being. Discover ways to bring balance back to your life.

Sweet Dreams: It's no secret that many college students get far too little sleep, leaving us tired and not performing at our peak. Learn strategies to help you get better zzzz’s.

Love your Body: Love your body, stop trying to fix it, it is not broken. Learn more about listening to and loving your body.

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FRED Well Workshops are coordinated by the Counseling Center's Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention program. Workshops have been developed by CC staff and are facilitated by undergraduate FRED Well interns. For more information please contact Julie Bezek, , 716.673.3424.

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