RA Programs


December RA Programs

Title: Gingerbread Houses

Event Date: 12/1/10

Event Begin Time: 8:00PM

Location: Eisenhower Lobby

Description: What can you make out of candy and frosting? Come find out. Stop by Eisenhower hall to make gingerbread houses. The best house will be given a prize. Supplies provided.


Title: Henna

Event Date: 12/1/10

Event Begin Time: 9:00pm

Location: Alumni Hall Lobby

Description: Art Forum is coming in to do Henna for our residents. they will be able to pick their own designs!


Title: Christmas Charities

Event Date: 12/2/10

Event Begin Time: 7pm

Location: Igoe Side Lobby

Description: Work on Christmas Charity Crafts in the Igoe side lobby with RA Jenny and Justine


Title: Career Consideration

Event Date: 12/2/2010

Event Begin Time: 8:00pm

Location: TV Lounge

Description: Students will be tested on their knowledge of various career opportunities and salary information. Students will be given resources to find information on their own as well as free food.


Title: Safe Cosmetics

Event Date: 12/2/10

Event Begin Time: 8:00pm

Location: Kasling Hall

Description: Girls will learn about the harmful chemicals in our everyday cosmetic products. They will also learn about the Safe Cosmetics Act and how they can make their own cosmetics!


Title: Ike's Festival of Lights

Event Date: 12/2/10

Event Begin Time: 8:30PM

Location: Eisenhower Main Lobby

Description: Join RA John and Jackie in the main lobby to have some fun and learn a little bit about Hanukkah! There will be games, chocolate gold, and Rugrats!


Title: Holiday Cookies & Crafts

Event Date: 12/4/10

Event Begin Time: 4:00p.m.

Location: 200 Penthouse

Description: Residents will get to make a variety of holiday crafts and decorate sugar cookies. Cards made will be sent to soldiers overseas. Residents will be able to relax before finals and celebrate the holiday season!


Title: Stress Balls with RA Erin and Sarah

Event Date: 12/6/10

Event Begin Time: 8:00PM

Location: Eisenhower

Description: come take a break from studying and make some stress balls. Learn some other stress reliving tricks, food and activities.


Title: Draw the Stress Out

Event Date: 12/8/10

Event Begin Time: 8pm

Location: Igoe Side Lobby

Description: Evening snack time and coloring to de-Stress with RA Andy


Title: Meditation with Matt!

Event Date: 12/08/10

Event Begin Time: 8:15pm

Location: Schultz Hall

Description: ...is dead week stressing you out?

Need time to relax?

Come to Meditation with Matt! Matt Samuelson is a world-renowned mediation guru. Come experience an hour of life-changing meditation to bring both your mind and body back together before finals.

Meet RA John in the Front Lobby of Eisenhower Hall at 8:15pm to walk over to Schulz Hall.

sponsored by the Campus Life Awareness Series (CLAS) committee. This event is free! Wear comfortable clothing.


Title: Free Henna

Event Date: 12/9/10

Event Begin Time: 6pm

Location: Igoe Lobby

Description: Meet RA Mary in the lobby to get free Henna drawings!


Title: Make a Stress Ball

Event Date: 12/11/10

Event Begin Time: 5:00PM

Location: Gregory 100 Penthouse

Description: Students can take a study break and make a stress ball our of balloons and filling (sand, rice, etc.)

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