Program of the Month

Program of the Month

At present, Program of the Month nominations can be submitted in three distinct categories: hall program, house program, and sustainability program based around the Resident Assistant Programming Model. Programs will be evaluated by the committee and winners will be chosen every month.

Programming Model | Evaluation Rubric



Community Engagement Program of the Month

Travis LeFevre, McGinnies Hall
Voter Registration

Travis LeFevre’s program: Voter Registration won Community Engagement program for the month of October. Travis set up in the lobby of McGinnies to encourage residents to register to vote or send in absentee ballots. He was there to answer any questions about the process and was able to get many residents to register.


Hall Program of the Month

Roberta Samson, Kasling Hall
Rate My Professor:  Fredonia

Roberta Samson’s program: Rate My Professor: Fredonia, won Hall Program of the month for the month of October. Her program invited upper class students to come into the hall and answer questions that first year students had about potential professors.  Roberta felt this was helpful for residents to know different teaching styles so they can make the best decision when registering for classes.





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