Program of the Month

Program of the Month - April 2017

At present, Program of the Month nominations can be submitted in three distinct categories: hall program, house program, and sustainability program based around the Resident Assistant Programming Model. Programs will be evaluated by the committee and winners will be chosen every month.

Programming Model | Evaluation Rubric


Community Engagement Program of the Month

Kyle Piscitelli, Hemingway Hall
Hemingway Home Improvement

The community engagement award for April goes to Kyle Piscitelli for his program, Hemingway Home Improvement. Hitting on all of the baccalaureate goals, this program gave residents the opportunity to join Kyle in cleaning, weeding, planting, etc… the Hemingway patio. Residents were able to create a beautiful outdoor space for current and future residents to enjoy. They plan to add more furniture and an herb garden. This program also provided an alternative to participating in weekend activities for the last weekend of the month.


Hall Program of the Month

Renae Herman, Disney Hall
Drop, Swap, and Shop

Renae Herman’s program, Disney Hall: Drop, Swap & Shop is our hall program for the month of April. Disney was transformed into a shop where people could donate items they could no longer use for other residents to find a purpose for them. Renae estimated about 45 people who participated in dropping off items and shopping for new treasures. This was a great way to promote sustainability and also build a sense of community.


Earth Month Program

Ally Sievers, Nixon Hall
Lorax Earth Day Program

Our winner of the earth month program for Apil is Ally Sievers, with her Lorax Earth Day program. This program was inspired by the Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax. Residents were invited to come watch the movie in the lobby and create flower pots and birdhouses out of plastic bottles. There were also coloring pages printed on the back of the recycled paper from our very own resource room. People who came could also plant flower seeds and learn about how to care for it to help it grow.





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