Residence Life

Parents and students … we hear you!


For the first time in Fredonia's 191-year history,

we are LOWERING the cost of living on-campus.

Our housing rates are already lower than almost every other

public campus across the state!



Standard Double Room Rates (annual) 2016-17











University at Buffalo


Buffalo State









Still, Fredonia understands the cost of student housing is a difficult one for many families to manage.   So we are working to make college more affordable by reducing the rates across all of our residence life options. Check out our options:


                             Fredonia Room Rates for 2017-2018

Standard Room (double occupancy)

$3,750/sem. | $7,500/yr.

Single Occupancy in a double room

$4,000/sem. | $8,000/yr.

Kitchen Suite (double occupancy)

$3,750/sem. | $7,500/yr.

Kitchen Suite (single occupancy)

$4,250/sem. | $8,500/yr.

University Commons Double

$4,000/sem. | $8,000/yr.

University Commons Single

$4,400/sem. | $8,800/yr.

Senior/Graduate Room (double occupancy)

$3,500/sem. | $7,000/yr.

Senior/Graduate Room (single occupancy)

$3,750/sem. | $7,500/yr.

University Village Townhouses (single)

$4,500/sem. | $9,000/yr.



Welcome to the Office of Residence Life!

The Office of Residence Life strives to provide a comprehensive residence life program as an integral part of the educational program and academic support services of the institution. The residence life program is committed to providing opportunities for personal growth and development and supports the educational mission of the college by providing facilities and programs to assist students in developing mutually supportive relationships in order to live, work and learn with people of diverse backgrounds and individual differences.

2015-2016 Staff

Members of the Residence Life staff for 2016-2017 at the State University of New York at Fredonia include (front row, from left); Emma Cruz, (2015), Amara May (2016), Alicia Wroblewski (2006), Adrienne Sader, and Joanna Kaufmann (2014); (middle row, from left);  Mark Mackey (2014), Dylan Leitner (2015), Matthew Briars, William Hernandez, Kathy Forster, Kristen Brignone (2013), and Kara Corlett (2012, 2015); (back row, from left); Briana Taddio (2015), Kevin Hahn, Daniel Goodwin (1984, 1988), Benjamin Hartung, and Rhianna Wing (2012, 2014.)
(Missing from photo: Colleen Holcomb.) 


Office of Residence Life

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