Fall 2016 Leadership Change Projects

Fall 2016 Leadership Projects

Boys and Girls Club, Dunkirk New York

This team worked with the Executive Director of the United Way, Ms. Deborah Tederous, to plan literacy and educational workshops for the Boys and Girls club in Dunkirk, NY. These workshops were hands-on and students participated in activities such as forecasting the weather and building aluminum foil boats to hold coins, and then tested their experiment in water. The Teacher Education club has formally agreed to take over these workshops as part of the sustainability plan. Each child was presented with a personalized book and had the opportunity to connect with Fredonia College students. Click on the article (link) featured in the Dunkirk Observer.

Child Advocacy Program, Jamestown New York

Team CAP worked to plan, implement and evaluate a walk around Cassadaga Lake, which served as a fundraiser for this important organization. The Step Up for Kids walk, due to the involvement of the leadership program, now has intern handbooks that were created by this team. The handbooks will give future student interns concrete plans on how to coordinate this event. In addition, the Social Work club has agreed to continue the Stewards of Children training program on campus! Thanks goes to the Health Profession’s club who has agreed to participate and fundraise for future walks, pledging to get the Fredonia community involved. This project was successfully supervised by Karen Yeversky who works as the Family Advocate and Stewards of Children Training Coordinator at CAP.

Chautauqua County Rural Ministry, Dunkirk NY

Leadership students worked to promote a healthy diet that’s low in saturated fat and sodium. Team CCRM worked with Fredonia’s Chef Dean Messina to provide two cooking demonstrations at Rural Ministry. Chef Dean was gracious with his time and had community members really engaged in the cooking process! An annual “health and wellness” themed event planned for Earth Day is being taken over by Enactus as part of the sustainability plan. We appreciate Dr. Susan McNamara’s leadership of Enactus. Thanks to Sherry Lantz, Nutrition Director at Rural Ministry, for her dedication to improving our community.