Health Center Services

The student Health Center is open to all Fredonia students. Those who have paid the mandatory health fee are seen at no charge. Students are seen on a walk-in basis , and then are triaged by our Registered Nursing staff into an appointment with a physician or nurse practitioner if needed. Services offered are as follows:

Ambulatory Care

The health center staff is available to assist students with any illness, injury, or health concern. If a student is ill or simply has a question regarding a health matter, they should seek advice and treatment at the health center.


There is a small laboratory located within the health center. Minor testing can be performed in our laboratory including monospots, quick streps and urinalysis.


The on-site pharmacy stocks several common over the counter medications. Prescriptions for other medications may be sent electronically to a local pharmacy at the discretion of the medical provider.

Health Education

The health center has educational materials on many health-related topics. Educational programs on wellness and other pertinent health issues are also offered on campus.

Immunizations, Allergy shots, Tuberculin Skin Testing

The Student Health Center does administer the influenza vaccine. Fees are charged for these vaccines and may vary each year.

Allergy injections are administered to students on a limited basis. The health center staff will administer allergy injections only if the student has reached a stable, maintenance dosage. For example, the student receives the same dose each week or month. The student must provide their own serum and specific orders from the prescribing allergist. Allergy injections that are on a "build up" phase cannot be given at the Student Health Center. Also, due to the possibility of an allergic reaction, it is our strict policy that the first dose be given out of a new vial of allergen by the students allergist or primary care physician's office.

The health center does charge a small fee for this service. The health center staff can assist with making arrangements for the students to receive build up allergy injections at a local physician's office if requested.

The Student Health Center does offer Tuberculin Skin Testing for enrolled students on an as needed basis. Fees are charged for this service. Please refer to free or fee.

Contact the Health Center at 673-3131 for any questions or for further information on this policy.

Preventive Health

Physicals for sports, volunteer and international travel are performed through the health center at no additional cost to the student. Those traveling internationally may be referred to the Chautauqua County Health Department Travel Clinic for assistance with possible needed immunizations for travel abroad. Sports physicals are performed for all athletic teams competing for Fredonia. The student must have an initial complete physical from his/her primary care physician or pediatrician on file in the Student Health Center.





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