Health Center Requirements for New Students

Welcome to Fredonia

The Fredonia Student Health Center strives to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective health care possible. To meet this goal it is important for us to obtain an accurate health history for each student. Prior to registering for classes, you will need to complete certain Health Forms in order to comply with New York State Department of Health Regulations for attending college here at Fredonia.

1) Please send a copy of your immunization record.

  • Click here for our Immunization Requirements
  • You can get your immunization record from your pediatrician , previous high school or college.
  • If you are unable to find a copy of your immunization form, your pediatrician or primary care physician can order a blood test for "Titers for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella". The results of this blood test can be sent to us as verification of your immunity. This should be done prior to coming to Fredonia.
  • The Immunization Record or Titer Results can be sent to us by using any of the following:
    • Email:
    • Fax: (716) 673-4722
    • Mail: State University of New York at Fredonia, c/o Student Health Center, Lo Grasso Hall, Fredonia, NY 14063

2) Please complete the online Meningitis Survey on "Your Connection"

  • Click here to get to "Your Connection"

  • For this task you will need your "Fredonia ID number" and "password" . Both of these were sent to you with your Admission's Packet
  • There will be a "pop up" on the first page indicating that "you need to complete the mandatory meningitis survey".
  • If you have submitted your immunization record prior to doing this section, and that immunization record contains a date of your meningitis vaccination, then you may not see a "pop up" indicating that you need to complete the mandatory meningitis survey. This would mean that the information from your immunization record has been inputted by our staff.

3) Please complete the online Health History Form

  • Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (this program may not be compatible with Internet Explorer)
  • For this task you will need your "e-services ID" and "password" (this is different from you Fredonia ID). Both of these can be found by "Clicking here to get to "Your Connection" and proceed to the "Personal Information" tab located at the far left at the top of your screen. Once there, scroll down to the "View Your User IDs and Passwords" link and click on it. The e-services ID and Password are in the bottom section of the screen. Your user name will be the first four letters of your last name with the last four numbers of your Fredonia ID number. The password will be one that has been assigned to you that you may change the first time that you access the system.
  • Now you are ready to proceed to the Online Health History Form. There is no need to print this form out or have your physician fill it out. You may do this on your own or with the help of your parents.
  • When you go to login, the sign in is located in the upper right corner of the screen of the link given at the end of these instructions.
  • Once logged in, please click on the "forms" tab in the middle of your screen. The ONLY form that you will need to fill out at this time is the "Health History Form".
  • Click here to find the online Health History Form

4) If your student is under the age of 18, please complete a Authorization for Care of Under Age 18 form

Please contact the Student Health Center at (716) 673-3131 or email with any questions regarding these forms.


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