Parent Comments


I enjoyed Parents weekend. We are a unique case as I am an alumni and also live fairly near. We feel very comfortable visiting the campus and do so at least monthly.

All phone numbers and websites are made available to the parents allowing them to be as involved as they wish while still providing the student some privacy.

I felt very welcomed and involved at the summer orientation program. I believe the University tries to make the campus family friendly while still giving the students the opportunity to grow as adults.

It was exciting and difficult to let our first child go off to college. Having the parent's weekend when you did gave her time to establish herself, but gave us a quick look for ourselves to ensure her happiness. Also, having parents involved in the orientation, but separated from the students, was nice because we could see what was needed first hand, while allowing our daughter to be independent.

I was very involved at the elementary, middle and high school levels, but you have to let go and let them succeed or fail on their own. They always come to me first when there's a problem, but I realize that the more I do the less helpful it is for them in the long run. So, I'm always encouraging them to talk to their teachers or advisors and look for help in the Learning Center. As a parent, you want them to succeed but as I backed off from helping my daughter (junior) I watched her mature. I hope to continue that with my son (freshman) to encourage his growth also.

The first of three visits we made to the college before my daughter decided to attend Fredonia I was very welcomed as a parent. The student transition from high school to a college atmosphere is very positive. The faculty and the current students involved in the transition are positive influences and should be commended.

At this point the financial aid process was extremely easy and user friendly. That department should be commended for going the extra mile. I've even given out the website so parents from other colleges can review the site to get current and up to date information for their own children.

Beautiful well kept campus. Campus staff have been very friendly and helpful with any issues we came across at orientation.

The friendliness of the faculty and students is very noticeable when you visit. Probably the number one reason my daughter picked Fredonia. She felt very comfortable and welcomed there.

My daughter is an Education major. I was very excited to hear of her internship at one of the area schools. I think it is GREAT that she gets experience at the start of her training. It has confirmed her interest in education.

Personal attention to each student is excellent from the RD's to the professors to the advisors... very pleased with this and COMFORTABLE leaving my freshman there!!

The campus has a very safe feeling, and we were very impressed with the security personnel.

The campus is a very clean, safe place to attend college. There are many programs offered and everyone is very friendly and helpful. The orientation process is helpful for parents and students.

The older students were very friendly to the freshmen to help them and make them feel at home.

The people and their friendliness and ease to talk to , their helpfulness, going out of their way to find answers to questions whether it be in their area or not.

There appears to be a lot of pride and determination to make the school a high quality experience. It is clear to me that Fredonia puts a lot of time, effort and planning into its Open Houses and Orientation programs and that's a very positive reflection on the administration. I also have found the administration (Financial Aid) and professors responsive.

When you visit the campus you feel welcome by people who seem happy to be where they are and like what they do. We were impressed to see the department heads each time we visited.

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