Resume Review Checklist

Resume Review Checklist

Please use this checklist as you improve your resume, and before bringing it to the CDO for a critique!

    Have I read and followed suggestions in the CDO guides about resumes, including Writing a Professional Resume?
    Have I viewed a variety of other resumes (online or in the CDO sample binders) to help me decide if my format is attractive, compared to other resumes?
    Have I consistently used a variety of highlighting techniques including CAPITALIZING, boldfacing, indenting, and/or bulleting? Are the bullets I chose visually appealing in regard to size as well as distance from the text?
    In my EDUCATION section, have I called this university "State University of New York at Fredonia"? (No need for Fredonia NY following the above name! Use, however: Genesee Community College, Batavia NY)
    Have I included the appropriate name of the degree, my major, and the date I expect to receive my degree? Refer to Your Connection and/or the catalog to confirm accuracy. (Example: Bachelor of Science in Education, Early Childhood Education, expected May 2018)
    Have I included my GPA and/or “GPA in major” if they are 3.0 or higher?
    Have I eliminated all zip codes and street addresses, except in my own contact information?
    Have I proofread my resume, so that it is mistake-free? (Spelling, spacing, consistent format, tense)
    Have I carefully edited to eliminate unnecessary words? (Assisted by creating… becomes Created...)
    Have I been consistent in the placement of similar types of information within each section (job title, dates, organization name, etc.)?
    Does the format make my most important qualifications obvious to the reader in a 20-30 second skimming? Does the resume flow from the most important information to the least?
    Was my resume written with specific types of positions in mind? If so, have I organized and labeled my information so that it is pertinent to the types of positions I am seeking?
    Have I chosen action verbs, in the proper tense, to begin the phrases that describe my experiences?
    Is my resume visually attractive, communicating my professionalism and my accomplishments?
    Does my resume make the reader want to select me for an interview? Would I hire this person?

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